Non-Traditional Ragdolls
Mink, Sepia and Solid
BigCityDolls Thats So Raven
Black/White Solid
(former queen)

Johnny Walker Scotch
Red Mitted Sepia
BigCityDolls Aurora Borealis
Tortie Mitted Sepia
(chocolate carrier)

The mink Ragdolls come in traditional pointed colors, but
the color is much richer than in traditional pointed
Ragdolls. Also the mink Ragdoll kittens are born with
color -- not white, as are the traditionals. Their color is so
rich that the pointed color difference is minimal – it is
there, but barely visible, especially in the darker shades.  
The mink also descends from the original cats that went
into creating the Ragdoll breed.

The name “mink” comes from the fact that the fur is
even softer than with traditional Ragdolls.  Doesn't seem
it can be possible, but it really is. It is mink-soft – if you
have ever had the chance to stroke mink coat, you know
what that means. Minks and sepias have a richer, darker
color and a softer, plusher, denser coat which rarely
mats and sheds less than the traditional Ragdolls.

Mink Ragdolls have beautiful aqua-colored eyes (a
greenish blue color). A small percentage of minks can
have blue eyes.

Minks and sepias retain a color gene from the foundation
lines.  Unlike traditional Ragdolls which are born pure
white, minks and sepias are born with color.    A sepia is
produced when breeding two mink parents.  A mink
Ragdoll can give birth to both mink and traditional kittens
when one parent is a traditional.  Mink Ragdolls have a
beautiful blue-green (aqua) eye color.  Sepias have an
aqua or golden green eye color.  The minks and sepias
come in all the same colors as the traditional Ragdolls
(seal, blue, lilac, chocolate, tortie, red, cream, cinnamon
and fawn) as well as the three patterns (pointed, mitted,

Solids are non-pointed cats.  They are part of the foundation lines and have the deepest
saturation of color.   Solid Ragdolls come in black, blue, chocolate, lilac,  red, cream, cinnamon,
fawn, blue/cream and calico/tortie.  Solid Ragdolls also have the same three patterns as the
traditional Ragdoll (pointed, mitted or bicolor, however the point color is not visible).  Any of
these patterns and colors (depending on the mating) can also be marked with lynx (tabby
stripes).  Eye color between the traditional pointed variety, mink/sepias and solid Ragdolls are
also a distinguishing feature of each.  With the traditional Ragdoll, the eye color is always blue.  
Whereas, the mink Ragdoll has either a blue or lovely aqua (blue-green) eye color.  The sepia
can have an aqua or a golden green eye color.  The solids have eye color of green, gold, copper
or blue-green.
 Please note all kittens are born with blue eyes and their true eye color does
not begin to appear until 10 to 12 weeks of age.
Krazy for Kahlua
Seal Sepia
BigCityDolls Tiger Lily
Chocolate Solid Lynx
(former queen)
Hollywood Joy
Bluepoint Mink
(former queen)
KY Bourbon Private Reserve
Cinnamon Mink
(former king)
Seal Mitted Sepias
Chocolate Mitted Mink
(former queen)
Minks and Sepias
Her Name Was Lola
Seal Mitted Lynx Mink
Guinness Nitro
Seal Mitted Sepia
Rumor Has It
Seal Mitted Mink
(former queen)
Jollytime Java Jake Jones
Solid Chocolate
(carries mink and cinnamon
Lovely Lexie
Chocolate Point Lynx Mink
(former queen)
Seal Lynx Mink Bicolor