Big City Ragdolls is proud to have several of our cats
pictured in the above book.  This is a great resource about
the breed.  Many thanks to Kim Maxwell for putting this
book together.  If you would like to purchase your own
copy, it can be found on Amazon.    
Click the link below to watch a video clip from
the Animal Planet about Ragdolls:
Me and Candy at American Greetings in Cleveland,
Ohio.  She was photographed for a new card line.  
We are so proud of you, Candy.  
Please click on the link below to
read our interview with Floppy
Seal Mitted Lynx
Seal Point Lynx
Blue Mitted Lynx
Blue Lynx
Seal Mitted Lynx Mink
Seal Lynx Mink
Blue Mitted Lynx Mink
Blue Lynx Mink
Seal Mitted
Seal Point
Blue Mitted
Blue Point
Seal Mitted
Seal Sepia
Blue Mitted Sepia
Blue Sepia
Seal Bicolor
Blue Bicolor
Blue Bicolor
Blue Bicolor
Seal Bicolor
Seal Mink Bicolor
Blue Cream Mink Bicolor
Chocolate Mitted Mink
Tortie Sepia
Seal Mitted Mink
Seal Mink
Blue Mitted Mink
Blue Mink
Lilac Point
Chocolate Mitted
Flame Mitted
Flame Mitted Sepia
Chocolate Mitted Solid
Solid Cinnamon
Black and White Mitted Solid
Chocolate Lynx Solid
Solid Fawn
The kittens shown below have been sold.  They are shown to give example of the different
color/patterns we have available from time to time.    
If you would like to be notified when available kitten pics have been posted so you can add a  
MEW member to
your family, please email me at to be placed on the
notification list.
Blue-Eyed White
Solid Blue Mitted
Lilac Mink
Blue Eyed White
Cinnamon Mitted Mink
Solid Chocolate Mitted
Black and White Mitted Solid
Chocolate Lynx Solid
Blue Eyed White