Cincinnati, Ohio
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Please choose carefully as we cannot allow for substitutions once a kitten has been reserved.  Deposits are
non-refundable and non-transferrable.  Please read our
Purchase Info page as well as our Contract prior to
placing a deposit.  
  If you live more than 4 hours from Cincinnati and will be requiring delivery, please
make contact with us prior to placing a deposit to make sure we can work out delivery details.

Once kittens are posted below, they are available and sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. Before clicking
on the "Buy Now" button, please refresh your browser to make sure you have the most current updates
and that the kitten you are interested in is still available.
 The "Buy Now" button will take you to the Paypal
site where you can pay the deposit of $300 (plus $10 Paypal fee).  You do not need to have a Paypal
account to use the button. The balance is due the day the kitten goes home.
(Please read the paragraph below before submitting a deposit)

Please see the mamas of our next expected
litters below.
As a thank you for their loyalty, previous
customers are allowed to choose before the
kittens are made available to the public so
not all kittens will be posted.

We do not take deposits on kittens before
they are 7-8 weeks of age as we need time
to determine color/pattern and personality.
Chocolate Mink
B/W soliid
Seal Sepia
Seal Mink
choc solid
The above kittens are not available  They are shown for examples only.
Meet the Parents
Kittens are available for reservation using the "Buy
button.  It will take you to Paypal to collect a
$300 non-refundable deposit (plus $10
paypal fee)
Missy x Jake
Margarita x Dibs
Zora x Zak
Bea x Zak
Cookie x Bourbon

If you don't see the color/pattern/sex you were hoping for, please email to inquire about
upcoming litters.
We have traditional blue-eyed Ragdolls as well as aqua eyed minks, golden-green eyed sepias, gold or
copper-eyed solids and the rare blue-eyed white Ragdolls.   

To be added to our notification list, please send your email address to:
While we appreciate that you would like to visit and meet the kittens, please respect the
privacy of our new moms and their wee ones.  Big City Ragdolls is a closed cattery and,
for health reasons, visits are only granted for customers picking up their kittens.  Our
mamas thank you for your understanding.
All kittens will come exposed to our dog and
pre-loved by our grandchildren.
Upcoming Litters
Seal Sepia Bicolor
Parents: Havana x Nitro

This guy is a character!  If you are
looking for an entertainer, look no
further!  And check out that eye color!!  
Ready to go: Aug 31
Blue-Eyed White Girl
Parents:  Ava x Zak
Angelic!  She is her mama's mini-me
and every bit as swee
Ready to go Sept 7
Blue  Mitted Girl
Parents:  Ava x Zak

Do not even think about leaving
the room without your shadow! So
attached to people!
Ready to go: Sept 7
Seal Sepia Bicolor Boy
Parents:  Havana x Nitro

This boy is a sweetheart.  He will
melt your heart.  Long fur and a
super sweet expression.
Ready to go: Aug 31
Blue Mitted Girl
Parents:  Ava  x Zak

Super sweet baby girl.  Follows
you around like a baby duckling.
Ready to go: Sept 7
Blue Mitted Boy
Parents: Ava x Zak

Awesome eye color on this boy.  Laid
back and friendly.
Ready to go: Sept 7
Seal Mink Bicolor
Parents: Havana x Nitro

Personable, friendly, playful.  Not
afraid of people at all.

Ready to go: Aug 31